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Modernians Hockey Sponsorship

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Former Mods coach David Cosgrove (Cosi) the owner of Cosi Home Loans will be more than happy to help you out with any of your home loan requirements.  In providing this free service, the Club receive a portion of both the upfront and trailing commission.


Most members will have a home loan at some time, so if you are a first home buyer, looking at buying an investment property, upgrading the house, or just refinancing to save money then give David a call and give him a chance to see what he can organise. Even if you know what lender you want to use, see if he can sweeten the deal by negotiating a lower rate or a discounted fee. 


The aim is to build up the number of loans over the next few years so that the amount the Club receives becomes significant.  On a $500,000 loan the Club would receive around $500 of upfront commission and then another $120 a year ongoing. 

Current Member Deals

First Home Buyers  - $1000 cash back at settlement. We will work with you through the Home Loan process to find the most suitable options for your situation. If you have a preference for your current bank, we can work with them to get your loan approved there.  Cosi Home Loans will also provide as many property reports and previous sales data on properties and suburbs of your choice;  will organise first home buyers grant and stamp duty concessions; offer tips on how to make an offer and what to include; use the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme - if places are available (5% deposit no Loan Mortgage Insurance to pay)   

Refinance  -   looking at refinancing we are offering an extra 0.2% off the rate for the first year of your loan. This amount will be paid into your account at settlement of the refinance.  This is on top of any cash back being offered by the lender  ie  if you refinance to ANZ at 2.29% on a fixed rate and you qualify for their $3000 cash back, you would receive an effective rate of 2.09% for the first year as well.   (on a $600k loan that is worth an additional $1200.) Or fix for 2 years at ING and get a first year rate of 1.89%.  The payment is based on your loan size net of any money in redraw/offset, ie lenders only pay on the net balance.

Bankwest Pricing  - if you have a Bankwest loan at the moment and think that your rate is not very competitive then I am offering to reprice your loan for free and give you an extra 0.1% off for the first year. This is a very simple process and just requires one signature on a form.  Not only will you save on your loan but you will get some cash back.

Get in touch with Cosi on 0412 624 312 or or Click Here and make an inquiry.  

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