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First Home Buyers

$1000 Cash Back Offer

Here at Cosi Home Loans, we realise it can be a struggle to save a deposit for your first home and we love helping people get into their first home.  We have decided for the year 2020 to offer $1000 cash back at settlement for any FHB that we organise home loans for.  Whether you use it for a new TV, a trip to Bali or some plants for the garden ......  we are sure you can find something to do with a spare $1000.  (this is on top of any payments that a lender might give you)

To be eligible you need to have a minimum 5% deposit  (unless you have a family member who is prepared and meets lenders requirements for a security guarantor, then we can proceed with no deposit)

We have access to all the main lenders and second tier lenders.  Every lender has different criteria and so depending on what your situation is, we will  put together a list of suitable lenders and products and then work with you to decide on the  lender.

To take advantage of this promotion simply CLICK HERE or email with First Home Buyer Promotion as the subject and you will receive an email which will lay out the simple process. (if you want to go to the facebook page and start a conversation there, someone will generally be available  to answer questions )

Even if you want to go to the bank you have always banked with, we are happy to put the deal to them and pay you the $1000.   There are no catches or gimmicks  .....  we  will negotiate rates and fees with lender of your choice and assist with lodging your FHB forms and applying for any other rebates available. 

Most of the process can be done online, making it as quick as you want to make it.  If you want to go house shopping with confidence we can also organise a pre-approval for a loan amount so you know exactly what you can afford.

If you want to make it even better, you can get an additional $300 for a referral of a friend or family member. 

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