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Everest of Bowls $100,000

Home Loan Refinance or Purchase 

 - organise a loan of 200k + and get a free entry into the next "$500 entry" Everest.  

- win your section and you get the $500 cash back 

- you receive 70% of winnings post first section

- includes accommodation if needed and Cosi Home Loan uniforms

- if you need to fly, loan sizes over 400k will include $500 to put towards flights

- refer a non bowling friend and you can play on their behalf 

- you can enter a person of your choice if you don't want to play or we can try and find a player to sponsor and do a deal

- if any Calcutta tickets are included in the entry price they are jointly owned. 

Other Deals

If you have an existing Bankwest loan and you are not happy with your rate, I will happily reprice your Bankwest loan and give you an extra 0.1% off the rate for the first year.   If you are interested in fixing your loan at Bankwest or a part of it there is a 2 year fixed rate of 1.89% or 3 year fixed rate of 2.07%

Loans over $700,000 -  I will pay for a set of new bowls of your choice as well. 

Any enquiries send an email or SMS/ring 0412 624 312



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